-I’m a mess, I guess. It’s what I’ve asked for; it’s what I’ve needed. Well, you know me better than that or at least you did til something happened. Then once again that something happened.


I am so proud of myself because I finally FINALLY did the mature thing that I’ve been needing to do. It felt great and now everything is great. My life is soo so crazy right now. I never have a second to breathe. If it’s not golf that I’m busy with, it’s dance or work or school or homework or yearbook… Colleges and scholarships have gotten shoved under the mat completely. That’s not good. I just can’t bring myself to work on them when there is so much more I can find to do in my 29 seconds of free time…. like play Tony Hawk Underground 2. I’m so obsessed with that game. I’ve been having so much FUN lately though. Hangin out with lots of cool people.

I’m watching these two people type very animatedly into a very complicated chat room. People still go into chat rooms? That’s so…1997, circa “You’ve Got Mail!”

p.s. if anyone knows the artist of the lyrics at the top, I will give you 27 cents.

peace, love, and wearing sunglasses at night


3 thoughts on “

  1. “I wear my sunglasses at night…so I can so I can…”
    That’s all I know.
    Fer serious aobut the chat room thing.  I remember discovering them in like the 6th grade and thinking I was so cool…do you remember that?  When me and amanda would meet people online and thought we were totally hott?  HOw lame.  They’re probably all gross 6th graders, hoping to find love.  HOw sad.Cassie is my hero!  And I’m glad you did the mature thing.


  2. psh! 27 cents! I can find that in my couch. WITH my eyes closed! I’m just that awesome.
    that’s so 1997. but the 90’s are suddenly cool again. tell me what you want, what you really really want… Did you know that they’re bringing Tamagotchi back? that’s so totally random, I know, but you got me on a 90’s tangent


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