-I don’t know your thoughts these days. We’re strangers in an empty space. I don’t understnad your heart; it’s easier to be apart.

bad news my people. the girls golf team won state. this means that next monday on my 18th BIRTHDAY i will be playing golf in salina. sigh. oh well, birthdays arent that much more significant than any other day. maybe ill celebrate the 32nd day of my 18th year of life. yeaaah.

i discovered the best nerd pick-up line today: “Get me a library card cause I’m checking you out.” one day the time will come to use that. and i will, oh yes.

i’m disappointed that NO ONE knew the lyrics from the past two entries. ive got this change burnin a hole in my pocket…

peace, love, and cigar smoke


9 thoughts on “

  1. well, if you are refering to the lyrics from the last post, it’s obviously Keane’s Somewhere Only We Know, but if you’re talking about the lyrics from the post before that, I have no idea . . . missed you in P-1 today, i got a referral and you weren’t there to trash Mrs. Eckerd with me 😦 Oh well, I guess I’ll live . . . peace out


  2. heysorry i waited like 500049 years to return your comment. thanks for thinking i’m possibly the coolest person in the world, but i know a lot people cooler than me, so i’d have to say i disagree with you.see you roundbenjamin


  3. hey cassie! this is sarah harris. you know how to say it? sar-ah har-ris. oh yea u got it! newho one day i am going to venture down to the ghetto and visit you at kaleidoscoops *however you spell that*. until then leave me some comments biatch!


  4. Nice cassie, I haven’t read yours in a while and my other thing got shut down somehow…I dont know, anyways I knew those lyrics. Sorry i didnt get here in time to say it first.  I think you should have used that pick up line on Dan on Saturday, it totally would have worked.


  5. You are eventually going to say the artist of the lyrics, arent you? Because it’s beginning to bug me. I know I’ve heard that first one somewhere. It could go with one of the tune’s from a Simple Plan song. But now it’s irking me because I can’t think of the song.


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