-I smell sex and ca-ndy here. Who’s that lounging in my chair? Who’s that castin devious stares in my direction? Mama, this surely is a dream.

Does anyone know what sex and candy smells like? Seperately, yeah I know. But together is a whole other animal. So sometime when I’m havin sex, I’m just gonna pull out a snickers and take a big sniff of the room. Then I will know

Be cool my babies.

Hey I almost got raped last night at my work. And I crawled in through a window into my house in only my underwear. Yeah. It was cool.

Think I might go see a movie tonight.

peace, love, and conan o’brien


2 thoughts on “

  1. you are such a cool person. that undywears story is da bomb diggity. you know i was at my house today thinking, “what ever happened the the macaraina?” it was a cool dance. I miss it.~Sar-ah har-ris


  2. cassie your my hero…my sexxy baby….you crack me up..next time i have sex i will take out a snickers bar and smell it for you so i can tell you about it. because im sure i will have sex again before you do. lol. with gavin. i think next time i see him im going to chop off his dick or maybe i could just gag him with the snicker bar that would be cool.
    your big mamma


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