-He’s too dumb to eat pretzels, apparently smart enough to fix an election. Moved boldly into the White House, although most people voted against him. He’s always gonna be the un-president.

I was leaving to go shopping on Friday, and the trash people had just come. I had to stack the trash cans up so that I could pull out of the driveway. While I was stacking, the trashmen came back by and yelled “Hey sweetheart want us to stack those for ya next time?” I nodded, scared, and turned around. Then one of the others yelled “HEY! mumble mumble yeah baby.” I just smiled and started to walk back to my car when he started to head for me, grinning, so that’s when I RAN and jumped into my car. Holy schnikes.

Took the ACT today. I think I did better, but I’m not quite sure. At this point, I am cautiously optimistic.

peace, love, and sharp no. 2 pencils

ps: if no. 2 pencils are so popular, why aren’t they number one?


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