-That girl is pretty kinky. The girl’s a super freak. I really love to taste her every time we meet. Super freak, super freak, super freak. She’s super-freaky!

God I love that song. Who wants to get super-freaky?

I discovered today that I know waaaay too much about ice cream. For example, I know how many carbs regular vanilla has and how many low-carb has (16 and 3). Jeez. I need a new job.

One of the freshmen in band said something about getting a shirt that said “I Love Carbs!” I laughed my ass off because I HATE low-carb diets with a passion. First of all, I’m on like a high-carb diet since Dr. Atkins was all like “eat tons of meat” and I’m all like “eat NO meat.” Secondly, America has just gone TOO far with it. Everytime I have to serve someone low-carb ice cream, it makes me want to shove a loaf of bread down their throat.

Today while I was getting on the highway I started sneezing. That made me think about how dangerous that is. I mean seriously. How many people have died in a year because they sneezed a few times during a sharp turn in heavy traffic? Probably like 4 or something. That’s grim.

peace, love, and icthyologists


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  1. wow – regular updates . . . i’m so proudlow-carb sucks, i refuse to conform!you can work at Sheridans . . . because everyone is, but it really wouldn’t be a huge changewhat will we do in yearbook now that ads are done?!?!?! lol, at least most of the hard stuff is over, it gets a little easier from here on out.you are so cool


  2. ok cassie i think im venturing down to the “ghetto” on saturday to your work. just b/c they are pimped out for halloween ((the best holiday of the year!!!)) and of course b/c you work there, and lets face it your just incredibly awesome!


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