-And the sky opened up with the soil of the sun dreaming of my true love. I don’t mean to be so strange, but my life just took a change cause I just found someone special and that’s really something special if you knew me. Nice to meet you anyway.

95% on my anatomy test. yeah buddy! i didnt even study for this one. the only part that kicked my butt was the part about protein synthesis. yeah i still don’t know what that is. i def got a 20% on our quiz today. qui est un retard? yeah….

Je manque ma vieille classe française. Il y avait quelques hommes chauds dans ma classe. Yum… je mange un orange. (the first part: online translator, the second: allll mee baby!)

mrs. sawka is SERIOUSLY on my last nerve. apparently, being the editor of the yearbook also entitles someone to be her PERSONAL BITCH at whom she can yell all the time to vent her anger. no. we don’t do that. we are nice to cassie because without cassie and the other staff, mrs. sawka would have no yearbook to brag about to her stupid friends. SO HA! bitch.

peace, love and hit lists


4 thoughts on “

  1. Yay I get to be the first to comment on this one.  I totally did not understand any of that french exept the thing bout eating an orange, shows wat u get for going to piper huh?  Congrats on the test and i think you should just kick sawkas ass so she knows whos boss and make her YOUR bitch, your life would be so much more pleasent that way.


  2. the problem is that it used to be that while cassie was mrs. sawka’s bitch, mrs. sawka was also cassie’s bitch. but now, it seems mrs. sawka wants a bitch without giving any back. this is not a loving relationship . . .


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