-Twinkle, twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are. Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky.

That song was inspired by my new background and my insomnia. I CANNOT SLEEP. Why is it that yesterday when I had physics and anatomy homework, I fell asleep while doing it and today when I have no homework at all, I can’t fall asleep. Um this might be attributed to the 32 ounce coffee freeze I had a few hours ago…

So the A&P class got an hour lecture about glycosis today. Oh god. Words like “sucrose” and “pyruvic acids” and “dihydride nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide.” No I did not make that up. That is a vocab word that Dr. KNazi expects us to be able to remember.

I’m tryin to get a new profile picture, but I seem to have lost my camera…along with my wallet, Y card, and God knows what else…

peace, love, and elliptical machines 


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  1. i heard from some weird newspaper that female-ism is a cause of insomnia . . . maybe we should convert to male-ism (or not)!it’s funny because i’ve had tons of trouble sleeping this school year and i’ve seen tons of stuff on insomnia but the best advice any of them give you is like, get good, natural sleep. thanks, but that hasn’t been working out too well for me.what you should really do is come down with a bad case of mono. i tried to share with you! that will put you out like jewish drunk on hanukah.i’ll keep an eye out for the camera, wallet, and many other items. but if i find that damn ipod, you’re not getting it back.


  2. Tell me you didnt really lose your ipod! o my that would be bad! you mom and dad would kill you.  I like the stars their so much more cheerfull than what it used to be but who am i to talk mines all black and red, kind of depressing really.  Have you found any of your stuff yet? I really think we should chain your wallet to your person since you seem to lose it every day.


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